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 minus one
What would you do if you had to leave behind everyone and everything and never come back? When three soldiers from an Army Reserve unit are called to fight in Afghanistan, they must prepare themselves for the possibility of never returning home.

David Solomon (Jon Osbeck) is the highest-ranking NCO of the unit having already served two tours of active combat. Facing his third deployment he also faces the realities of his failing marriage to his wife Jeannie (Jennifer Schaaf) and role as a father to his daughter Rachel. James Whitmore (Roger Bailey) has just recently been promoted to Sergeant with the unit. His only time in active duty was a post in Germany with a Military Police unit. His wife Allison (Amanda Howell) is pregnant with their first child. The youngest of the three, Robert Montgomery (Remy Brommer) is a college freshman spending his summer making up for his time spent partying and not studying. Two days before deployment, Robert's penchant for being a wild card lands the three of them spending some of their last moments at home figuring out how they are going to deal with leaving behind the life they know now and how to live with each other once they leave.